Try it with your Stir Fry!

​Lift your food to a higher altitude!

Grill or smoke chicken, burgers, or pork chops with our sauce.

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We can't leave out chicken wings, after all that is what I created it for...

Our RotorWing sauce was a secret ingredient in Helihogs chili... And it took First! 

Turn our sauce into a salad dressing for a healthy option, and its glutin free.

Inject your chicken with our sauce and some beer (smoke it @ 250 degrees) for a tipsy bird... I meant tasty.

No matter how you cook your food our sauce will lift it to a higher altitude.

Try our sauce with breakfast...

Baste your grilled foods with it!

Rub the pig with it, he would have wanted it that way...

Baste all your favorite grilled foods with it, for a flavor that can't be beat!

Try making candied bacon, drizzle our sauce on the strips and bake in the oven @ 350  MMMMMMMM!