‚ÄčNo matter how you cook your food our sauce will lift                        it to a higher altitude!

Lift your food to a higher altitude!

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How We Got Started
Here is the history of Danger's Rotor-Wing Sauce A.K.A. Dangers Sauce for those of you that don't know. I created a chicken wing sauce that I thought was the perfect balance of flavor, sweet, and heat years ago for our own use. At the time we were living in up state NY, and pondering a career change into aviation maintenance. Two years later my wife and I found ourselves in Daytona Beach where I was attending Embry Riddle Aeronautical University to get my airframe and powerplant mechanic ratings. My passion in aviation was and is helicopters, and I currently am an active helicopter mechanic. That is where the name Rotor-Wing Sauce comes from and in 2014 we turned it into a business. We got the sauce approved and professionally bottled by a bottling plant here in Florida, so that all of you can enjoy the sauce also. Aaron  a.k.a. Danger